19/10/2009 08:05
Magic Camera 6.2

Magic Camera 6.2 | 13.8MB

Magic Camera is a fantastic webcam software that enhances the way people video chatting

Magic Camera - Special Webcam Effects | Webcam Overlays
Magic Camera is a fantastic webcam software that enhances the way people video chatting winked . Magic Camera employs the next generation technology to archive:
Fantastic Webcam Effects
Webcam Animations
Your Customized Soft Webcam
Webcam Recorder
Webcam Splitter
More Features

Fantastic Webcam Effects
Enhance your webcam chat experience by adding cool webcam effects!

* Support Picture in Picture.
* Add funny photo frames to your webcam video.
* Real-time change webcam backgrounds.
* Lots of transform video effects.

Webcam Animations
Astonish your friends with cool animations and innovative webcam emotions!

* Pop up emotions on webcam videos.
* Apply image overlays as webcam widgets.
* Video and animation overlays.
* Draw text directly on the webcam video to "chat" with your friends.
* On screen edit by mouse drag.
* Three transparent modes.

Your Customized Soft Webcam
Simulate a fake webcam by software and set pre-recorded videos, photo albums, and desktop screens as its output.

* Play fake videos through this virtual webcam to protect your privacy in chat rooms.
* Share & slide show your photos to your friends via webcam.
* Capture screen and stream it to co-work via Messengers.
* Flv files supported.
* Share desktop feature can also be used for remote demo, remote assistance, and online advertisement, etc.

Webcam Recorder
Record webcams or activities on screen and encode them into video files for later playback.

* Save webcam conversations including your or your friends' live videos.

Webcam Splitter
Enable your real webcam to be used in multiple programs simultaneously

* Split real webcam into utmost 32 virtual webcams.